Friday, September 11, 2020






Thanks to all for participating in what may become an annual tradition, the 2020 Wild West Poetry Contest! Following is the list of Winners and Honorable Mentions, as whimsically and with gut instinct were selected by myself, as the sole proprietor of Flying Monkey Press:

First Place: Robert Milby,  "I Was Never Under Quarantine"
    -Receives a copy of my latest book, Love's Compass, & will be published in the Flying Monkey Productions blog.

Second Place: Alan Catlin, "A Journal of the Plague Year"
    -Will be published in the Flying Monkey Productions blog.

Third Place: Patrick Connors, "The New Normal"
    -Will receive a copy of my chapbook, My Minnesota Boyhood.

Honorable Mentions:

-Jaewon Chang, "Marching in Batasam"
-Robert Milby, "Social Disgracing"
-Jaewon Chang, "Snaps in Wilmington, Delaware"
-John C. Mannon, "Watch"
-Alan Catlin, "Quarantined"
-E.P. Fisher, "The Ballad of Western Man"
-Paul Clemente, "A River Remembers 1918"
-Douglas Taylor, "The Life and Times of Stagecoach Mary"
-Paul Clemente, "About 3 PM Central on July 15, 2010
-John C. Mannone, "Life Cycle"

Again, many thanks to all who participated, and watch out next summer on both the POETS and Flying Monkey Productions Facebook pages, and this blog here, for announcements about 2021! First and Second place poems will appear here in the next few days, and prizes are being mailed out shortly.

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