Thursday, August 20, 2020



Just before the Quarantine began, I received another order of my most recent book, Love's Compass, and stocked up on Until The Words Came, as well. While going thru my files, I found a very few copies of some other chapbooks I've published. All are on sale until midnight of August 31st! Love's Compass and Until The Words Came can be had for just $10 a copy, plus $3 S&H. The others, Moses Parts The Tulips and My Minnesota Boyhood, oldies but goodies, are just $8 each, plus $3 S&H.

I'm not gonna tell ya they're going like hotcakes (aren't hotcakes awesome?). I believe the best place for a poet to sell books is at a live reading. Times being what they are, that isn't possible right now, and if anyone was jonesing for some literary diversion, I'm happy to oblige. Drop me a line at: dorothyy62 at yahoo dot com.

I hope you're all staying healthy, and doing as well as you can considering the barrage of mixed information we're getting from all sides. An hour or two in the backyard with a book of poems, and maybe a pad of paper and a pen to write your own, might be a good way to spend these late summer days. 

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