Sunday, May 19, 2013


     Above is from the 2013 edition of the Albany Wordfest open mic in April. Beside me are Albany's Poetry Diva, Mary Panza, and my brother and fellow poet Mike Jurkovic.
     Spring has sprung for sure, and with it, a few invites to read in the Hudson Valley. Since I've cut way back on actually attending open mics, it will be a treat to return to these venues. I have yet to visit the College of Poetry (really more a state of mind than an actual edifice) in their new digs in Sugar Loaf, so looking forward to that. Only heard my brother Mike Jurkovic read a couple months ago in Poughkeepsie, but skipped the open mic. We'll see how the season rolls. Drop me a line if you need directions, etc.  Would be nice to see you again. 

*June 1- "Poetry as Memoir" workshop, 10a-12noon, College of Poetry, Sugar Loaf, NY

*June 3- Feature at Harmony, 8p, Woodstock, NY, with Open Mic

*June 14- Feature at Mezzaluna, 7p, Saugerties, NY, with Open Mic

*June 20- Feature at Adriance Library, 7p, Poughkeepsie, NY, with Open Mic

*July 13- Feature at Woodstock Poetry Society, 2p, Woodstock, NY