Tuesday, June 11, 2019

National Poetry Month 2019- Part One!

Above is a photo of me at Readings Against The End Of The World, my bad side, already exhausted from all the hubbub of National Poetry Month, and I was only halfway through. April 2019 seemed like a busier Poetry Month than usual. Maybe it’s because I’m more focused these days on the art, or maybe I’m just putting myself out more places, or maybe I’m getting a little lazy and might just like to stay home once in a while and peruse Netflix without planning for some reading or another all the time. In any case, I attended several terrific events, and spent most of May recovering from the whirlwind.

The April feature at Calling All Poets in New Paltz on Friday the 5th was El Presidente Himself, Thom Francis. Although a vital force in the Albany Poets organization, Thom doesn’t often feature much these days, perhaps because of the demands of his newer roles of husband and father. It was a treat to hear Thom again. His work is fresh and energetic. His delivery draws the audience in with direct attention. Thom is at once intimate and unapologetic. His was one of the superior readings this spring at CAPS.

On Saturday, April 13th, I did a rare “double-header,” and read at two completely different events, at opposite ends of the Hudson Valley. I signed up online for the 11:00 a.m. slot at Wordfest’s “Readings Against The End Of The World.” Revived just a couple of years ago, RAEW was created by Tom Nattell as a marathon reading showcasing the diverse voices and views of Albany poets (with a small “p”). It’s now hosted by Jil Hanifan and Mary Panza, and is truly a 24-hour event. A few years ago, I was up for sleeping on the floor, but time, love, and knees no longer allow for such excess. 

Stay tuned for Part Two of my April Poetry Odyssey…