Sunday, May 5, 2019

"Until The Words Came"- New Book!

Just a quick update-- how time flies! April was jam-packed with poetry doings, and I'll be bringing you all up to date this week. For now, I'm happy to announce that my new collab with Guy Reed, Until The Words Came, has just been published by Post Traumatic Press!

The text is based on a reading we did together about a year and a half ago at Teresa Costas's WOMPS (Word of Mouth Poetry Series) at the Art Bar in Kingston, NY. Instead of the same old, same old, we decided to pick a theme that we could both live with, then truly read together, alternating poem by poem.

Oddly enough, the theme we picked was "Poets & Poetry." We've gone to several of the old, good Dodge Festivals together, as well as many, many readings around the Hudson Valley over our almost twenty-year friendship. I say oddly because I find poets writing about poetry to usually result in pretty dreadful work. Hopefully this chapbook bucks the perceived trend.

If you might be interested in a copy of Until The Words Came, you can drop me a line at for now. The cost is $12, postage included. Soon, you'll be able to go to to order it there, too, but since the ink is barely dry, for now reach out to me.