Friday, August 24, 2018

Summer Sun & Shadows

I knew my promise of “weekly” updates would fall by the wayside sooner or later, but between you, me & the lamp post, I’m thinking I needed a break. The Universe just took it upon itself to impose that break upon me.

My day gig underwent its usual season changes, but with each service department short-staffed. The time between calls that I’d previously used to pound out a few notes for the blog evaporated, and exhaustion at the end of the day didn’t really allow me much energy to make up for it at home. Then July, whether because of global warning, natural Earth evolution, or other, was oppressively hot. We even broke down and bought a small air conditioner for the bedroom area, so that sleeping could occur.

All this limited my writing time substantially. However, the ongoing projects are never far from my fingertips. I’ve got a chapbook pending with Post Traumatic Press, a collaboration with my friend Guy Reed. Look for more about that this fall. For a few weeks there, I was chucking three poems a day out to various small zines, only the ones that made the process extremely easy. It had to be by email, and it had to be free. I have nothing against Submittables, but I had no energy for the extra step, and if my output was limited, I could at least send out previous work. I’ve had a few hits, and a few misses, but over all I’ve gotten a few more things out in the aforementioned Universe, and off the hard drive.

On August 20, I had the pleasure of presenting a work-in-progress at my day gig, in the form of an evening reading/lecture. More on that next week… promise. 

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