Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Under the Weather & Out From Under

     Since late last Wednesday, I have been pretty much out of commission with a combination upper respiratory/sinus/other ensemble of symptoms that kept me home from work and all until yesterday. I was so disoriented that I couldn't write, couldn't crochet, could barely read anything of substance. The one blessed exception was Patti Smith's M Train.

     Perhaps to some it qualifies as a sequel to her Just Kids memoir, but it's a very different tone, a very different book. It was easy for me to led Patti take the wheel, across time, across time zones and borders. I've seen some accuse the book of being a mere exercise in name-dropping, but with friends like William S. Burroughs and heroes like Jean Genet, why shouldn't they be mentioned?

     She mentions many, many books that stir her creativity, and at one point is tempted to suggest referring to it for reading suggestions when asked by a young fan in person. I've gone through the book again, perhaps not thoroughly since I'm not all here yet, and compiled a list for myself. Here it is, for your reading edification:

Reading List- Patti Smith, M Train
2666- Roberto Bolano
After Dinner Declarations- Nicanore Parra
After Nature- W.G. Sebald
Amulet- Roberto Bolano
The Beach Café- Paul Bowles
The Confessions of Young Torless- Robert Musil
Dance, Dance, Dance- Haruki Murakami
Dead Souls- Gogol
An Episode in the Life of a Landscape Painter- Cesar Aira
The First Man- Albert Camus
Kafka on the Shore- Haruki Murakami
Letters from Iceland- W.D. Auden
The Little Lame Prince- Mulock
The Master & Margarita- Mikhail Bulgakov
The Lovers- Marguerite Duras
A Night of Serious Drinking- Rene’ Daumal
The Petting Zoo- Jim Carroll
Rashomon- Ryunosuke Akutagawa
A Scarcity of Love- Anna Kavan
The Setting Sun- Osamu Dazai
Spinning Gears- Ryunosuke Akutagawa
The Thief’s Journal- Jean Genet
A Wild Sheep Chase- Haruki Murakami
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle- Haruki Murakami
Women of Cairo- de Nerval

Mohamed Mrabet
Isabelle Eberhardt
Vladimir Mayakovsky

Hell Screen
No Longer Human
The Laughing Policeman

Louis Armstrong: “(What A) Wonderful World”
Fleet Foxes: “Your Protector”
Golden Earring: “Radar Love”
John Coltrane: “Ole’”, “Live at Birdland”
Mighty Swallow: “Soca Dance”
Velvet Underground: “1969: Velvet Underground Live”
“Callas is Medea is Callas”

     I'm tempted to test out the Polaroid I've dragged around for years, but that may have to wait til summer. I'll head to the library on Saturday, and see what I can find from this list. At present, I am in the process of disabling my Amazon account, for many good reasons. Laziness is one of them.  

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